Organizing by Color

Maybe you did this too- lining your nail-polishes up in Roy-g-biv. Or maybe it was your collection of jewel-bellied trolls (just me?). Organizing by color is something I have always done. I did it with the color of my candy wrappers at halloween (also sorting into sub categories of type of candy and tradeability with my little brother). I also did it with my Crayolas (the suitcase set), m&ms, and my fruit snacks (not the ones mom bought me- she thought those things were junk, the ones I had to trade for). I’ve always loved color, and actually, when I come to think about it, I’ve always scored near perfect on those color tests.

My studio on a cleaner day...

My studio on a cleaner night…

Ironically, my partner is some degree of color blind, so he doesn’t notice my color progressions and calls my pink shirt orange, but he does let me get away with doing whatever I want (as long as I don’t violate the terms of the lease by painting the walls- grrrr!). I would love to be able to paint my bathroom any color really, and to paint my hideous kitchen cabinets- White on top, dark color on bottom. A nice heavy/opaque semi-gloss… replace the hardware… It would look so much better since my apartment has an open layout and I always have to look at the kitchen…


In my apartment there are a few areas I’ve done a little organizing by color.

My closet: (ok, I may have picked this up a little for the sake of this blog… usually one cannot see the floor (though I do hang my frocks in color order! Also, had to clean almost entire room just to take a photo… this is what happens when you have full length mirror doors on your closet. Granted, not complaining about that even if the style is pure 80’s… love having full length mirrors!!!). Admittedly we can determine I am not suffering from OCD because my hangers are multi-colored and not in any way organized.


Strategically photographed closet… warning, not usually clean

My art studio/supplies: (also, usually a huge mess… the great creatives are slobs, right???).

acrylic paint

My assortment of Blick studio acrylics

spray paint

Future projects! Organized by color

color coded art markers

Color-coded art markers

My bookshelf: (admittedly this is a half-hearted attempt… Seeing the photo here makes me realize I could move a few things around. But, meh… also, note the lovely “gloss almond” paint job and all my luscious home depot plants!


Gloss almond book shelf with color organized books


This is my same bookcase in a former life of darkness and un-color organization

This is my same bookcase in a former life of darkness and un-color organization

Though not rocket science (though granted, rods and cones- could be biological science) organizing with color is a small way to make life a little easier or prettier. I know all my black clothes should be hung in the same section (or in the pile on the floor under the section), and books that I won’t read for a while (or possibly ever again) look nice next to books of similar colors. If you haven’t tried it yet, give it a whirl (it’s free, after all). Happy organizing, friends!

xoxo- Nikki


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