Photographing My Space

This is my first photo not from my phone!

First non-iphone photo (though not much better, I’m afraid)!

This morning I set about photographing my space with my digital camera and I was reminded why I love my iphone so much. After waiting overnight for the battery to charge, and messing with the settings I snapped some shots. Then I tried to get the photos off the camera and onto the computer. This should have been simple, after all I still have the cord. However, it basically required me to restart my computer twice and once I got everything imported and exported I realized two things. Only one or two photos were actually usable and well, despite my multiple liberal arts degrees I am not a very good photographer. Color and composition, yes got that down pat. It could be my camera (a Sony Cyber-shot) but let’s be honest, it’s probably me. So here is a shot from the back of my apartment (up against the hideous kitchen cabinets). I think my goal for y’all is to do a tour once I figure out the settings (complete with a floor plan). So happy Sunday! I’ll get to work photographing my space with a camera and see if I can’t start replacing some of my filtered pics.



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