From Alley to Bedside

Boyfriend decore approved bedding

Boyfriend decor approved bedding

This is the story of how a little nightstand went from alley to bedside. It happened last week. I was complaining to Alex about how I needed to start another DIY home improvement project so I would have something to blog about. I went for my daily run and as I was doing my *cool down* walk home I spied it. It was a little further in the alley then I usually desire to go, but after a quick but thorough scan I deemed the passageway safe and trotted in. To my delight this little nightstand was super light-weight and in decent condition. (Ok, one of the legs fell off as I walked it home, but it was still pretty decent and an easy fix).

Please note, I have recently started experimenting with using a non-phone camera but I began this project using my phone. I am close to the conclusion that even though there is a tiny spec in my iphone lens, the pictures are just a teensy bit better. AHEM, SONY, PLEASE SEND ME A BETTER CAMERA NOW TO PROVE THIS WRONG!

So here I give you my little nightstand as I found her:


This is the nightstand before

A combination of laminate and wood and even a super lightweight metal. Some people are wood paint haters. I say if you find it in an alley, you may as well paint it. At least you are giving it a home. Also, this wasn’t pure wood. First I mixed up some paint. Then I painted the edges and legs:

I mixed up a nice green with a few shades from the Blick acrylic line

Mixed up a nice green with a few shades from Blick acrylic line

painted legs

The sheerness of the paint mimics a stain… not too green!

Then after waiting for it to dry, I taped the edges and used my ol’ favorite DIY solution gloss almond for the tops!

gloss almond table top

Voila! My favorite paint trick!

Once she was good and dry I took her upstairs. You may remember the found shelf I was using as a nightstand before (remember how essential it is to have my phone and my water glasses on separate levels at all times):

Not perfect but this DIY alley find did the trick

Not perfect but this DIY alley find did the trick

And now! Here is a photo I tried to take with my “camera”:

Maybe it's me?

Maybe it’s me?

And here is my filtered image. I realized I could take high-def photos, does it help?

Sorry I'm not sorry... Polaroid junkie here!

Sorry I’m not sorry… Polaroid junkie here!

So there you have it! From Alley to Bedside. Please note, whenever I bring something home, I leave it outside the door so I can clean it with grub killing cleaner (I used a lysol kitchen cleaner). It’s not perfect but I think it’s an upgrade, It cost me nothing, was an easy as pie DIY project, and now I have a shelf to relocate in my house.

xoxo- Nikki


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