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Nailed It

Hehehe, nailed it. Get it? My DIY Reupholstery project…

In the midst of my apartment re-do, and impending thanksgiving family dinner that I’m hosting, I decided to finally cross this off my one of four to-do lists.

Finally, fabric in my *colors* and more secure attachment

Finally, fabric in my *colors* and more secure attachment

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It’s Time


I am sooo ready to decorate for Christmas!

It’s time!… TO DECORATE FOR CHRISTMAS! I’ve tried to wait for Thanksgiving (which I am just giddily counting the days for). I’ve sneakily hung twinkle lights around the window in my art room (“for extra light”). I’ve already started listening to Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin Christmas Pandora (Hey, it did snow that one day!). I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE! I have Sunday off (I think-) and I am going to use my day of rest to DIY apartment decorate Christmas Style.

While I haven’t started yet(minus the art room twinkles), click for ideas!

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Styling Attempts

Ok, here are some more styling attempts on Alexandra’s life living room makeover.  Guys, it’s *in progress* so be gentle.  I’m open to suggestions and will keep making updates until I hit all the right notes.

I really love the sofa with the personalized look.  It’s crazy, I know.  Nikki keeps telling me to tone it down a bit. (Ahem, Al, just pick a limited palate…love, Nikki) Solid teal throw (with pompoms!) and more pillows are in the mail.  I’m convinced that if everything reads grey&teal then I can go crazy with the patterns.

I am now deliberating on a proper curtain over the window.  (More indecision!) Curious? Click for more :)

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Treat Yo Self

MULLED WINE FOR ONE ANYONE? It’s Friday which means that this is the perfect excuse to treat yo self. Earlier this week it snowed here in Chicago for the first time of the season (and thank goodness it didn’t stick), but I surely took that as an excuse to listen to the Dean Martin Christmas station on Pandora and begin some commisssioned paintings/holiday cards and drink some lovely mulled wine for one. A perfect holiday (or cold weather) themed seasonal cocktail!

Read on for my secret recipe and instructions!
This is so easy and obvious you are going to wonder why you are not doing it yourself yet treat(ing) yo self.

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Alexandra’s Sofa Reveal


Finally. Here are my ‘almost there’ sofa reveal photos.

The sofa is from World Market. I assembled it myself after carrying the pieces up three flights of stairs into my tiny entry way.  Big apartment, tiny doorway… many stairs.


After ( SO MUCH) deliberation I decided on buying a three seated sofa that would fit in my apt. doorway.  My doorway measures 22″ across.  It would have to be an assemble it yourself sofa, which narrowed it down to basically only Ikea and a few other unstylish websites.  I really did NOT want to hoist a sofa through the window like the last tenant.  I looked at so many sofas!  Ikea had some nice ones, but not in the three seater style.  I debated between tufted or comfy.  Patterned or plain.  Velvet or sturdy fabric.

I also resolved on a slip cover grey as a neutral base and to start to establish a color theme for the room (grey&teal, of course).

Gone are the hideous plastic, vertical blinds!! I replaced them with DIY cut (by me!) bamboo matchstick blinds. I think now a curtain would look good behind the sofa, maybe. More deliberation….


I don’t know what makes me happier- the couch or the removal of those *wonderful* vertical blinds…

There you have it. Alexandra’s sofa reveal. More updates on my attempts at “styling” coming soon.



Houseplant Makeover

Don’t let your houseplants get bigger than you!!!

This Peace Lily plant hails from an impulsive Home Depot purchase. Flowers occasionally. Currently resides in my bedroom, adds to the love jungle look that I’m going for here. Self-watering container (2 nesting containers, just add water to outside pot).

Peace lily has really let herself go. She was looking a little overgrown and lopsided due to being shoved in a corner and never rotated.


Whoa girl! Crazy plant hair!

I cut off all the ugly. Fresh cropped cut. (DIY haircuts anyone?).


Then, a quick rinse in the shower. She might go through a little shock, but hopefully this will encourage new healthy leaf growth.


Volia! DIY Plant Save!

What a babe! Now, maybe I will take better care.


Simmer Pot Weather

It’s simmer pot weather! Aka, your friendly seasonal pre-holiday-madness post. Baby, it’s chilly out and you’ve already nailed that evening cocktail recipe. Now try adding this into the mix. Clinically proven* to help with the winter blues. Only costs .99 cents!

Roughly: any citrus + spices in a little pot of water. Feel free to add your other favorite smells goods to the mix. Bring to an almost boil and simmer as long as you’d like the house to smell like magic!

This is my go to recipe:
Orange peels or apple peels
Cinnamon stick
Whole cloves
Bay leaves

Simmer, make magic, and enjoy. Repeat. (Make sure to keep checking on water levels… I am pretty sure Nikki has almost destroyed a pan with this). Happy simmer pot weather!

*really, aromatherapy!



Sweater weather is simmer pot weather!