4 Minute Project

I just did a 4 minute project and I thought I’d share. I’ve been cleaning out my craft room and recently refound my mothers old matchbook collection (or what I have left after 50 moves). Some of them are really neat (from the 80s and earlier). I also found some abandoned picture frames in an alley. This is so simple I don’t even know if it counts as a DIY project.


I dumped out a shoebox… look at all these treasures. Sock included!


Found this… If i were more ambitious today I could paint, but meh…


I put the most exciting ones in first face down… note my old skool mp3 players…


It’s full enough that I could hang it on a wall… no adhesives used!


Voila! New coffee table piece! Thanks mom (for the matches… AND the coffee table!)

There you have it! BOOM! 4 minute project. Take whatever little collection of whatever you have. Throw it in a picture frame- display horizontally. No paint, hammering, glueing, effort invovled! Easy-peasy DIY project!



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