I Think I Found My Next Project!

Now that I have successfully (for the time being) dealt with my *lovely* rental cabinets I have been scratching my head for the next big DIY project to conquer.  While I have been dreaming over plans to build a tiny little house, I stumbled on something while perusing Design Sponge’s before and after archives. This is me yelling excitedly! I THINK I FOUND MY NEXT PROJECT!

While you may be familiar with Alex’s sofa debacle, I merely breeze over my situation. (I inherited a cat-scratced leather sectional with my last apartment). I had been using some crafty drop cloths as no sew slipcovers, but Alex’s recent foray into adult furniture purchasing has sparked a wee bit o’ jealousy. Until this very moment! I know what I’m gonna try once the Holiday Monies start rolling in (no, not gifts, I have a seasonal job right now…) PAINT MY COUCH! Why, you ask? If it doesn’t work out, I can always recover it with my *stunning* no sew drop cloth slipcovers… Woot! I think I found my next project!

before & after: painted sofa | Design*Sponge.



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