Simmer Pot Weather

It’s simmer pot weather! Aka, your friendly seasonal pre-holiday-madness post. Baby, it’s chilly out and you’ve already nailed that evening cocktail recipe. Now try adding this into the mix. Clinically proven* to help with the winter blues. Only costs .99 cents!

Roughly: any citrus + spices in a little pot of water. Feel free to add your other favorite smells goods to the mix. Bring to an almost boil and simmer as long as you’d like the house to smell like magic!

This is my go to recipe:
Orange peels or apple peels
Cinnamon stick
Whole cloves
Bay leaves

Simmer, make magic, and enjoy. Repeat. (Make sure to keep checking on water levels… I am pretty sure Nikki has almost destroyed a pan with this). Happy simmer pot weather!

*really, aromatherapy!



Sweater weather is simmer pot weather!


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