Houseplant Makeover

Don’t let your houseplants get bigger than you!!!

This Peace Lily plant hails from an impulsive Home Depot purchase. Flowers occasionally. Currently resides in my bedroom, adds to the love jungle look that I’m going for here. Self-watering container (2 nesting containers, just add water to outside pot).

Peace lily has really let herself go. She was looking a little overgrown and lopsided due to being shoved in a corner and never rotated.


Whoa girl! Crazy plant hair!

I cut off all the ugly. Fresh cropped cut. (DIY haircuts anyone?).


Then, a quick rinse in the shower. She might go through a little shock, but hopefully this will encourage new healthy leaf growth.


Volia! DIY Plant Save!

What a babe! Now, maybe I will take better care.



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