Alexandra’s Sofa Reveal


Finally. Here are my ‘almost there’ sofa reveal photos.

The sofa is from World Market. I assembled it myself after carrying the pieces up three flights of stairs into my tiny entry way.  Big apartment, tiny doorway… many stairs.


After ( SO MUCH) deliberation I decided on buying a three seated sofa that would fit in my apt. doorway.  My doorway measures 22″ across.  It would have to be an assemble it yourself sofa, which narrowed it down to basically only Ikea and a few other unstylish websites.  I really did NOT want to hoist a sofa through the window like the last tenant.  I looked at so many sofas!  Ikea had some nice ones, but not in the three seater style.  I debated between tufted or comfy.  Patterned or plain.  Velvet or sturdy fabric.

I also resolved on a slip cover grey as a neutral base and to start to establish a color theme for the room (grey&teal, of course).

Gone are the hideous plastic, vertical blinds!! I replaced them with DIY cut (by me!) bamboo matchstick blinds. I think now a curtain would look good behind the sofa, maybe. More deliberation….


I don’t know what makes me happier- the couch or the removal of those *wonderful* vertical blinds…

There you have it. Alexandra’s sofa reveal. More updates on my attempts at “styling” coming soon.




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