Treat Yo Self

MULLED WINE FOR ONE ANYONE? It’s Friday which means that this is the perfect excuse to treat yo self. Earlier this week it snowed here in Chicago for the first time of the season (and thank goodness it didn’t stick), but I surely took that as an excuse to listen to the Dean Martin Christmas station on Pandora and begin some commisssioned paintings/holiday cards and drink some lovely mulled wine for one. A perfect holiday (or cold weather) themed seasonal cocktail!

Read on for my secret recipe and instructions!
This is so easy and obvious you are going to wonder why you are not doing it yourself yet treat(ing) yo self.

1. Get yourself a nice apple cinnamon tea! I prefer this one from Celestial Seasonings:


Bought instead of a gallon of cider- easier to carry in the city!

2: Fill the coffee mug of your choosing 3/4 full of water and put in teabag and put in microwave for 2 minutes. I know, microwaves are so bad for you but I tend to get distracted when I do things and this way I don’t have to worry about leaving the stove on. Also at this point in the year cutting back on gas use as much as possible. Also- don’t judge me for how dirty the microwave is:

Two minutes to delishousness

Two minutes to delishousness…

3. Then the fun part- Add the booze of your choice! Turn that economy red wine (I prefer Pinot Noir, but really I am not picky- any red will do. And if you are out of wine, bourbon or rye will do quite nicely. If you are out of that I assume rum or vodka will do… basically whatever spirit you have will do. Maybe not tequila) into MULLED WINE FOR ONE! Be sure to remove the tea bag before adding your wine.

Need more wine! (For the blog, of course...).

Need moar wine! (For the blog, of course…).

Check out that phone jack… Also contents of this photo might have been staged. I mean, who has a plant in that placement? I only have about 4 square feet of counter space!

4. Enjoy! Obviously I was too busy enjoying my mulled wine for one to snap a photo, but I’m sure a smarty-pants like yourself can imagine… OOH, as I just mentioned, you are very smart so remember that that tea you just brewed for two minutes is hot so don’t burn yo self as you treat yo self!



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