Styling Attempts

Ok, here are some more styling attempts on Alexandra’s life living room makeover.  Guys, it’s *in progress* so be gentle.  I’m open to suggestions and will keep making updates until I hit all the right notes.

I really love the sofa with the personalized look.  It’s crazy, I know.  Nikki keeps telling me to tone it down a bit. (Ahem, Al, just pick a limited palate…love, Nikki) Solid teal throw (with pompoms!) and more pillows are in the mail.  I’m convinced that if everything reads grey&teal then I can go crazy with the patterns.

I am now deliberating on a proper curtain over the window.  (More indecision!) Curious? Click for more :)


We also splurged on a 5′ round rug.

The mid century coffee table was a gift from a friend before moving out of NYC.

I’m still working on my coffee styling skills and looking for the right collection of knickknacks.  I’ll update with close up vignette when I’m happy to show it off.

As soon as I get my shipment of pillows, then the crazier pillows can go in the zen den lounge.  I hope to tie the two spaces together somehow.  Like one big, mixed living room (and part-time guest room).


Lastly, we moved the mantle over about 6 inches, closer to the sofa. It’s hard to tell from the photos, but the mantle really lines up better with everything now. The living room is more defined with the sofa + coffee table + chair combo. The mantle is centered across the room with the zen den lounge.

That silly leather chair was a steal on Craigslist, it’s very comfy and it swivels.  I think the chair could use an entire entry way/landing strip behind it… the boyfriend is not entirely convinced.


That’s all for now. There are still things left on my make-over list.  Fixing up the entry way and hallway.  DIY lamp.  Curtains for the window.  Curtains for the hallway.  Holiday decor…

Fortunately (?!), I will be hosting my first ever Thanksgiving dinner for my boyfriend’s immediate family, so I have an incentive to get everything finished real soon.




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