It’s Time


I am sooo ready to decorate for Christmas!

It’s time!… TO DECORATE FOR CHRISTMAS! I’ve tried to wait for Thanksgiving (which I am just giddily counting the days for). I’ve sneakily hung twinkle lights around the window in my art room (“for extra light”). I’ve already started listening to Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin Christmas Pandora (Hey, it did snow that one day!). I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE! I have Sunday off (I think-) and I am going to use my day of rest to DIY apartment decorate Christmas Style.

While I haven’t started yet(minus the art room twinkles), click for ideas!

Contact paper chalkboard tree. You may remember the 4 ROLLS OF CHALKBOARD SHELF LINER that I bought with the intention of using them on the hideous cabinets. Well, since that didn’t work, I am still in possession of 3 3/4 rolls of chalkboard shelf liner. (I bought them online so it seems like a huge hassle to return them). I am planning on cutting out the shape of a Christmas tree and adhering it to the inside of my front door. I am also thinking about fashioning a wreath of some sorts…

White contact paper snowflakes. For some reason I was possessed to also purchase a roll of white contact paper. I plan on putting these in the windows and maybe making a little mobile… As a child I remember those Christmas window decals with Santas and snowmen. I think my mother hated them because they never really adhered to the windows… They always seemed to peel or slide off. I think little contact snowflakes could be awesome.

Because it’s time, I already have purchased 2 boxes of 100 count multi-colored mini lights I purchased at Target. They are on the white wire, so they will match my apartment regulated white walls. I am thinking of hanging them in the windows behind the couch, so the little colorful twinkles will show though the white curtains (part of my new sew curtain project). If you can’t tell, I LOVE CHRISTMAS! My father used to hang the lights outside while my brother, mother, and myself would unpack the tree and ornaments and ALL THE CHRISTMAS STUFF! Some people scoff at fake trees but unpacking and setting up the tree was one of my favorite things. Every year we would have to assemble the branches by the colors on the end of the branches and fluff them and then put the lights (which we had saved from the previous year) which always led to some light swearing and a trip to the Kmart for new lights. And then my brother and I would have epic games of hide and seek. It was the best. I am such a nerd that I had to download “A Carpenter’s Christmas” and Harry Conic Jr.’s “When My Heart Finds Christmas” to listen to in my “adult” life.

I know I go on and on about how I like no sew projects but dang it! I’m going to sew some stockings! I will make 5 this year… One for The Boyfriend, one for me, one for Bon Jovi (orange cat), one for Tuesday (noisy cat), and one for Alexandra because she is visiting for 3 whole days right before Christmas!!!!! (YAY!). I plan on hanging them off the bookcase since my apartment lacks a fireplace. Looks like I’ll also have to get creative and make some stocking hangers! (Do we have a spray paint project in the making, hmm?).

I do want a tree, but we’ll have to see what we can do.  Third floor living combined with fuzzy little monsters (the orange one ruined my parents tree his first christmas…dummy) paired with lack of extra funds and a car might make this desire a little difficult but they say where there is a will there’s a way…

I know you can’t tell yet but I LOVE CHRISTMAS. Since I have quit my job that was making me entirely way too unhappy, I have found seasonal employment where I am around a giant christmas tree almost every day (no, I am not santa’s elf). It’s not the presents- though I love presents. (My parents somehow have always gotten me just what I asked for or exactly what I needed- minus a puppy. My Boyfriend is getting better and better at gift giving each Christmas. Maybe this year he’ll put a ring on it *doubtful*…There is always at least one Target gift card in my loot). It really is the traditions, the songs, the snow covering the ugly, and the people who are nicer to each other. It is the end of a year that whether hard or bountiful is over, and it always ends on a high note. It’s the potential to ask “Santa” for help and actually believing that wishes can come true. I am very excited to share with you my DIY Christmas decorations this year, cause you know, it’s time.

xoxo- Nikki


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