Nailed It

Hehehe, nailed it. Get it? My DIY Reupholstery project…

In the midst of my apartment re-do, and impending thanksgiving family dinner that I’m hosting, I decided to finally cross this off my one of four to-do lists.

Finally, fabric in my *colors* and more secure attachment

Finally, fabric in my *colors* and more secure attachment

I was so tired of this table and chairs that had been recovered (with safety pins, guys!) at least three times. It’s a double hand-me-down, like many things in my humble apt. Ideally, I would throw this table out back to my garden patio. Alas, I do not have a garden patio or budget for sexy kitchen chairs.

To help with my designer ADD, I’ve narrowed themes for each room. The kitchen is ‘folclorico’ it’s Ecuadorean for ‘folk’ which means I can put ALL THE COLORS! The fabric on the chairs makes me happy and fits with the orange in the room. (full DIY kitchen makeover reveal later)

I should have checked my supplies… I headed to my 3 local hardware stores in the ‘hood, but could not find T25 staples. The guy at the hardware store with the bulletproof glass must have been confused with a cute girl in the shop and actually asked about my project. He sold me some tacks that should work. I couldn’t get a ride to Home Depot and I really needed to get this done!

Hammer, tacks, and a tablecloth from my summer trip to Ecuador. Quite possibly the worst DIY upholstery job in America, but it’s better than the safety pins.

And it’s done!


Ta Da! Chair seat recover in ALL THE COLORS

I’m really good at holding onto my projects for a long time due to some serious issues with perfectionism and Pinterest, but more on that later. It felt good to do a quick job and get it done. I’m sure my dinner guests will be impressed that I nailed it!

Cheers, Alexandra


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