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Home for the Holidays

I had to work Christmas Eve, but the shift was over in time to make it home for the holidays. Each year I crave the precious time I get to spend with the people who have known me the longest. I set out to make all my gifts this season, but there were a few purchases I just had to make.

I walked past this ship clock every day on my way to the train. I used my visit with Alex to actually go into the store, Dovetail on Chicago Avenue and inquire about the piece. It was a tiny bit more than I wanted to spend, but the shop owner knocked off $10 and I had to have it. Hopefully my brother thinks it is as awesome as I do. I shopped local so I don’t feel too guilty about this purchase!

Since polaroid film has ceased to be produced I have discovered film from the impossible project. While Alex was visiting I was sure to get 2 photos of the both of is and (sneakily) painted a thrift store frame teal and gave her one. My awesome brother also commissioned a painting for my parents killing two birds with one stone. I gifted him and my two grandparents smaller pieces. I also found deals for my grandma and father.

I really like finding the perfect gifts. When I was young I wanted to open all my presents first but now it is really nice to make the people I love happy. I was even able to get portraits of my paternal grandparents for my 500faceproject. For two days I have been eating all of the food (and drinking much of the wine) and thanks to some never ending snow I not only had a very merry white Christmas (starting with a short visit with my best friend) but I get to stay home for the holidays a few extra days. (And that’s pretty much the best Christmas present, right?). The only thing else I could ask Santa for is a new paying job!


xoxo- Nikki

Ongoing Progress of Rental Kitchen

I have been very busy as of late but that hasn’t stopped me from the ongoing progress of my rental kitchen. I have been playing hostess with the mostess and working up a storm at my seasonal job. I have also started an internship *doing the blog* for a retail/wholesale company. Basically, I am very tired and looking forward to the calm of January.

You may remember how I purchased 4 rolls of Chalkboard contact paper only to use fabric to cover my cabinets. ¬†On a rare day off today I did all the normal things: clean, internet, relax. I stayed in bed until well past noon. Somehow (I thank coffee) I got a burst of energy and actually did a little project. By now you are probably very familar with my gripes about my rental kitchen. Today I used some of that chalkboard contact paper to cover up part of the counter. I was inspired by something I saw about fake granite counter tops…

before image

This is my (very dirty) counter before:

I took everything off the counter and gave it a good scrub. It took two tries with two pieces of contact paper but here you have it:

after photo

Voila! Not perfect but finally found a use for some of that contact paper!

Not the worst little rental kitchen!

Not the worst little rental kitchen!

It is my ongoing progress of rental kitchen. If money were no object I would rip it all out and redo it but my small budget and lease agreements prohibit that. However, I am happy with my creative solutions (temporarily)… I wish I had more but I have been incredibly busy! Hope you all are having a lovely holiday season!


Holiday Designer

So I’m headed home in two weeks for my annual xmas visit and a surprise Nikki visit… And this year I am feeling a little more refreshed from working less, which is an awesome, weird feeling.

On the holiday to do list:
1. Try to co-host as many veggie friendly dinner parties that I can!

2. Hang out with friends, fam, and some little ones.

3. DIY revamp my Dad’s sad looking but still comfortable sofa. It’s just has an upholstery rip in front cushion FOR YEARS!!! It’s getting embarrassing, so this year I’m taking action and putting all my design ideas to use.

My dad’s style is ‘functional country chic’ with a muted color palette. This should be a challenge for me!

I’m going to call this my xmas present this year, plus it needs to be done by xmas eve–the day I arrive. Eek!

I’m looking online at slipcovers because those are neutral tones and my favorite design solution–tapestries only come in ‘hippie.’ I’ll buy a nice cream, soft blue or green slipcover online and ship it to the farm. I also browsed pillows, covers, and throws for subtle pops of pattern, but I may have a few hours to shop around locally before my deadline. We’ll see!

What are your holiday plans?



All I Want for Christmas

Oh my friends how I have missed you! Remember when I was wallowing around between employments with all the time in the world? Well that seems like a distant memory at this point. I had the most wonderful Thanksgiving where I got to spend 19 glorious hours with my family (and fav. cousin!) in Woodstock. I almost ruined the mini-pies, but they turned out delicious despite their aesthetic flaws. I have been working non-stop for the past 2 weeks at a place we affectionately dub the ‘Nut Room,’ and while the work is draining it is temporary so I just try to keep my head up. Also, after applying to millions and millions of things online, I have obtained an internship with a company that does wholesale/retail stuff on the internet and they WANT ME TO DO THEIR BLOG and DO SOME OF THEIR INTERNETS’ STUFF!!! (I work for free for now, but this is a step in the right direction, right?) All I want for Christmas is to be hired as an employee to do this…

I haven’t had anytime to do any projects. Sadface. I have started to decorate though. Yay! Starting with a 1$ tube of mini bulbs in a mason jar. (LOOK HOW WELL THEY MATCH MY COLORS!) Read on to see my budget/DIY/easy decorations!



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