All I Want for Christmas

Oh my friends how I have missed you! Remember when I was wallowing around between employments with all the time in the world? Well that seems like a distant memory at this point. I had the most wonderful Thanksgiving where I got to spend 19 glorious hours with my family (and fav. cousin!) in Woodstock. I almost ruined the mini-pies, but they turned out delicious despite their aesthetic flaws. I have been working non-stop for the past 2 weeks at a place we affectionately dub the ‘Nut Room,’ and while the work is draining it is temporary so I just try to keep my head up. Also, after applying to millions and millions of things online, I have obtained an internship with a company that does wholesale/retail stuff on the internet and they WANT ME TO DO THEIR BLOG and DO SOME OF THEIR INTERNETS’ STUFF!!! (I work for free for now, but this is a step in the right direction, right?) All I want for Christmas is to be hired as an employee to do this…

I haven’t had anytime to do any projects. Sadface. I have started to decorate though. Yay! Starting with a 1$ tube of mini bulbs in a mason jar. (LOOK HOW WELL THEY MATCH MY COLORS!) Read on to see my budget/DIY/easy decorations!



The first thing I did was hang up some lights. Some people are partial to the white ones, but dangit! It’s Christmas. And I love the color twinkles. I did get the ones on a white wire and I have to admit I like it better than the traditional green. Here are a day and night shots. Note how subtle it is during the day? This project was also very easy. No nails involved. I simply used the hook left behind from the mini-blinds to hang the lights. (Please see my no sew curtain project for more information). There conveniently (the only time I will EVER say that word about this apartment) is an outlet in-between the windows.


Day christmas decoration…


Night Christmas decoration! Look how lovely that is!

Last night after a gruesome shift at the ‘Nut Room’ my very handsome boyfriend took me out for Thai food. He wanted to go out dancing (it was a Saturday, after all- I thought it was Sunday all day) and I was like, “Um, no. I am waaay to tired to stand any more today.” So we went to Trader Joes on the way home instead. We I got some more supplies for my bar cart and we picked up a bundle of pine rope (and snacks).  Last night we he attempted to hang it in our doorway between the kitchen and living room and I fashioned a Charlie Brown style wreath with the leftovers.


Well, it smells like Christmas!


It’s in progress, ok! Also, It’s made out of scraps…

And who could forget… The handsome boyfriend brought me home these stockings cause while he knows I love Christmas he doesn’t read my blog and didn’t know I want to make em… (Hey Santa, all I want for Christmas is a sparkly thing on my finger!… Just kidding. Sort of).

No fireplace required!

No fireplace required! I’d like to see Santa squeeze through the drain!

So there you have it, my little start on Christmas decorations. Not perfect but on its way to charming and festive. I still would like some sort of tree (I think we are going to get a Home Depot Palm Tree instead of a typical christmas one!!!! So excited!) and I might still make some stockings! (There are 4 of us, cats included). Phew, back to work…Who rests on Sundays? Not I the intern/seasonal employee. Remember, all I want for Christmas is A REAL JOB. Santa should have no problem bringing that in through the drain, right?

xoxo- Nikki


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