Holiday Designer

So I’m headed home in two weeks for my annual xmas visit and a surprise Nikki visit… And this year I am feeling a little more refreshed from working less, which is an awesome, weird feeling.

On the holiday to do list:
1. Try to co-host as many veggie friendly dinner parties that I can!

2. Hang out with friends, fam, and some little ones.

3. DIY revamp my Dad’s sad looking but still comfortable sofa. It’s just has an upholstery rip in front cushion FOR YEARS!!! It’s getting embarrassing, so this year I’m taking action and putting all my design ideas to use.

My dad’s style is ‘functional country chic’ with a muted color palette. This should be a challenge for me!

I’m going to call this my xmas present this year, plus it needs to be done by xmas eve–the day I arrive. Eek!

I’m looking online at slipcovers because those are neutral tones and my favorite design solution–tapestries only come in ‘hippie.’ I’ll buy a nice cream, soft blue or green slipcover online and ship it to the farm. I also browsed pillows, covers, and throws for subtle pops of pattern, but I may have a few hours to shop around locally before my deadline. We’ll see!

What are your holiday plans?




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