Ongoing Progress of Rental Kitchen

I have been very busy as of late but that hasn’t stopped me from the ongoing progress of my rental kitchen. I have been playing hostess with the mostess and working up a storm at my seasonal job. I have also started an internship *doing the blog* for a retail/wholesale company. Basically, I am very tired and looking forward to the calm of January.

You may remember how I purchased 4 rolls of Chalkboard contact paper only to use fabric to cover my cabinets.  On a rare day off today I did all the normal things: clean, internet, relax. I stayed in bed until well past noon. Somehow (I thank coffee) I got a burst of energy and actually did a little project. By now you are probably very familar with my gripes about my rental kitchen. Today I used some of that chalkboard contact paper to cover up part of the counter. I was inspired by something I saw about fake granite counter tops…

before image

This is my (very dirty) counter before:

I took everything off the counter and gave it a good scrub. It took two tries with two pieces of contact paper but here you have it:

after photo

Voila! Not perfect but finally found a use for some of that contact paper!

Not the worst little rental kitchen!

Not the worst little rental kitchen!

It is my ongoing progress of rental kitchen. If money were no object I would rip it all out and redo it but my small budget and lease agreements prohibit that. However, I am happy with my creative solutions (temporarily)… I wish I had more but I have been incredibly busy! Hope you all are having a lovely holiday season!



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