Home for the Holidays

I had to work Christmas Eve, but the shift was over in time to make it home for the holidays. Each year I crave the precious time I get to spend with the people who have known me the longest. I set out to make all my gifts this season, but there were a few purchases I just had to make.

I walked past this ship clock every day on my way to the train. I used my visit with Alex to actually go into the store, Dovetail on Chicago Avenue and inquire about the piece. It was a tiny bit more than I wanted to spend, but the shop owner knocked off $10 and I had to have it. Hopefully my brother thinks it is as awesome as I do. I shopped local so I don’t feel too guilty about this purchase!

Since polaroid film has ceased to be produced I have discovered film from the impossible project. While Alex was visiting I was sure to get 2 photos of the both of is and (sneakily) painted a thrift store frame teal and gave her one. My awesome brother also commissioned a painting for my parents killing two birds with one stone. I gifted him and my two grandparents smaller pieces. I also found deals for my grandma and father.

I really like finding the perfect gifts. When I was young I wanted to open all my presents first but now it is really nice to make the people I love happy. I was even able to get portraits of my paternal grandparents for my 500faceproject. For two days I have been eating all of the food (and drinking much of the wine) and thanks to some never ending snow I not only had a very merry white Christmas (starting with a short visit with my best friend) but I get to stay home for the holidays a few extra days. (And that’s pretty much the best Christmas present, right?). The only thing else I could ask Santa for is a new paying job!


xoxo- Nikki


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