Infinite Potential of the Universe

Happy New Year! The beginning of a new calendar always seems to drum up the infinite potential of the universe for me. It might sound hippie-dippy, but if you listen I think she tosses you clues and signs (yes, my universe is a lady). And what a year 2013 was! While I often felt like I was indefinitely tensed and ready to launch the way a backstroker begins a race, the culmination of last year reminded me that I had already started swimming. Surrounded by some of my favorite  Chicago people standing in 7 inches of snow on our (bonus) deck we smoked the last cigarettes (don’t worry mom, I’m not really a smoker) of the year, popped some bottles, and rang in the new year. 2013 was a year I took a few risks. I took impromptu trips to see good friends. I tried new things. I tried to save money. I tried my hardest to love the people in my life and be happy for their good fortunes.

It wasn’t anything fancy, but a few friends made it over despite the blizzard outside. I even fired up my new slow cooker and dutch oven (thanks mom!) and made some snacks.  I found use for some of that chevron fabric (seen here). With just my staple gun, the fabric, and a strand of twinkle lights I made a nice little backdrop.

Chevron Backdrop


While there were people I missed at the celebration, it was a nice night. While I typically hate NYE as a holiday, I do feel it sets a precedent for the upcoming year. I’ve already begun to make the changes I want. My resolution, if you will, is to stop waiting for my life to happen. As a runner I know that each 8 mile run starts with the first step. Sometimes when you don’t feel like running you just need to get up and get out the door and let the miles run themselves (this seems silly as it is still snowing sideways outside).  My seasonal job is ending. While ready for it to be over, I have mixed emotions. This year I have be fortunate enough to connect and reconnect to some very genuine and amazing people and the thought of not seeing them so frequently saddens me. I have found inspiration in places I hadn’t thought to look, so maybe that is the *magic* of said employer… I was a smidge worried about finding a job but it looks like the universe has found me a small bone to tide me over until I can really do something I love. (Or at least purchase impossible project film for my project!)!


I really can feel the infinite potential of the universe. 2014 watchout. I always was pretty good at the backstroke and I’ve had a pretty good start.

xoxo- Nikki


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