Forced Bedroom Makeover

Looking back, I suppose it was coming. On New Years Day I made the ultimate decision to end my three and a half year relationship. As you are all aware, our apartment is huge so hopefully we won’t have problems being roommates for the duration of our lease.  My decision has resulted in a forced bedroom makeover (still in progress). I decided to take the upstairs and moved all my art supplies into the attic bedroom.

My first order of business was to move the bed on the opposite wall and immediately purchase new linens. (Hooray for Target gift card Christmas presents). After a year of the green patterned comforter I was ready for something a little different. I have admired the pin-tuck look and really wanted to try for myself but the need to immediately change (and the gift card) found me this great little bedspread. Maybe not the sexiest, but I purchased grey flannel sheets. (They were on sale!). And thank goodness. January 5-6 (and maybe even today) were the coldest days of the year and our HEATER BROKE! Bon Jovi pretty much crawled under the covers and didn’t move for two days.


My own personal space heater!

Warning… most these photos are terrible. While my room feels nice, cozy, yet huge, it is pretty much impossible to take a good photo. Also, Bon Jovi insisted on giving himself a bath the entire shoot…

Once I got my bed set up, I had to figure out the rest of the room for the forced bedroom makeover. Carrying all my art supplies and tables required the help of one of my very good friends, Sam. Same guy who drove me to target (and a former roommate). Sam is one of the 10 people I would want with me in a zombie apocalypse. He is very handy, very protective, and quite hilarious to be around. (Actually, I have felt very loved from all my friends this past week. Everyone has been coming out of the woodwork to make sure I’m doing ok).

I have already painted much of my furniture my favorite gloss Almond. The neutral color works nicely with the various shades of grey I have used.  I purchased these thermal curtains for the previous apartment but they actually work better in this apartment. One window is to the outside and one window looks over the stairs INSIDE MY APARTMENT (WTF!).


The view from the opposite wall.


Sweet, softly lit sleeping nook.

Fortunately there a little nook in the bedroom so I have a sort of separated work and sleep space. It is very motivating to be able to see all of my potential projects from my bed. It reminds me to get on my DIY projects and art making. Every time I have to move my art supplies I find new things I have forgot about and get a bunch of new ideas. My mother gave me some spray paint for Christmas so I painted the very yellow sewing machine cover blue.


Blue sewing machine (cover) and art stuffs.

I still have big plans. Or rather, normal sized plans for my bedroom. I would really like to try to make a headboard (can we say 2014 DIY resolution?). Because I have opted for shades of grey I could probably find any decent grey fabric and give it a whirl… I think I would like a new rug- not sure this green one works anymore. I am interested in painting a rug, so that is always a DIY resolution (granted I don’t think it would work on a shag rug).


Mini Moo next to the space heater.

I just wanted to create a space that was as inviting and comfortable as possible. I realize I will be spending a lot more time up here than before and it is important to have a space that has decent Feng Shui (that’s for you Alex), allows for me to choose between creating or relaxing, and essentially can be an escape. I am so lucky that this room is so huge. (See my fabric wallpaper adventure here).

There you have it. A forced bedroom makeover. I decided in 2014 to change one thing a day, whether that ends up being my relationship status, bedding, the catbox, or the color of my hair. I spent a lot of time waiting for something to happen and I just feel like I can’t do that anymore. I will always love my former partner but I have accepted the fact that we ultimately want different things out of life. I said it last time, but I am really excited for the infinite potential of the universe. And what better time to embrace it than at the beginning of a new year?

xoxo- Nikki


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