California Dreaming

Sorry friends! I know I started the year off strong and then seemingly forgot about you. Truth is I’m California dreaming (and bloggin from my phone). Or rather, I’ve temporarily run away to see my awesome aunt and do some much needed pondering while taking Instagram photos. I know back in Chicago it is nearly ZERO degrees, but I’m starting to feel homesick for my kitties and other little but exciting things.

On my first day here we went to the beach in Santa Monica and it was perfect. I managed to not get burned and did some much needed contemplation (thinking the thinks) while staring into the Pacific Ocean.

My aunts house is really awesome. The room I’m staying in she calls the Dragon Room.
You gotta click on to see just how awesome!

First off- I love you Aunt Kym, but this dude freaks me out! I have to put a sweater over his face while I sleep…

The rest of the stuff is pretty neat. Check it out:




Isn’t this stuff wild? (That line reminds me of one of my favorite SIUC classes- I had a professor for Planetary Geology who though every thing was “just wild.”).
California dreaming and hanging out with my Aunt has been really nice. I haven’t really had the opportunity to see her since I was 17 and it is nice to hang out with her as an adult. She really is very full of life and a super-kind person (maybe one of my top 10 humans) and I feel so thankful that she is putting up with me. I know a week is a long visit and I am so grateful she has been hosting me.

Yesterday we went zip lining and it was pretty much the best experience so far this year. The ride home though the mountains was all of the peace I was hoping to find.


My aunt has dogs too! Holy Toledo she has two pit bull-jack russells and they are great. (Little legs, big hearts!). Also a huge scooby-doo (mix) dog and and older one. (Also- she has turtles and MINIATURE DONKEYS!).


If my Aunt wasn’t awesome enough, she also gave me her old polaroid camera with a whole cartridge of film! For my project!!!
With this trip I am reminded that I just might be a Midwestern gal. I like when men hold the door open for me and having friends that don’t debate so hard on splitting checks (ok- that was the deciding factor on not being an east-coast person.). I’m ready to get back and tackle the internship and getting income issue. I am less afraid to fall hard again (remember, it’s not the fall that hurts…it’s when you hit the ground.). Aunt kym has been a most excellent host and the weather has been wonderful but something (ok and maybe someone) is making me excited to return to the icebox of Chicago… I might have been California Dreaming, but I am stoked to get back and start feeling the feels and making things happen. (Also- if these photos upload poorly I’ll replace them when I’m in front of my computer!).


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