I Got Dibbs

When it snows in Chicago, nothing says “I got dibbs” quite like old furniture in the street to reserve someone’s parking space. Residents feel that if they put in the effort to shovel their cars out from underneath the midwestern tundra that they are inherently in possession of the cleared space. Chicagoans typically put lawn chairs or milk crates to denote the space as theirs. Maybe if I owned a car I would understand this mentality, but I don’t. So imagine my surprise when walking home from yoga (mind you this is after 90 minutes of Bikram where I worked and sweat my butt off) I found the sweetest nightstand! With only 2/3 of a mile to walk home I hefted it block by block. I mean, if its only serving as dibbs it’s up for grabs, right?

It was really heavy. I was on the phone with Alexandra and she thought I was insane. I took a break at every street corner. But I made it. Then it sat downstairs for a few weeks. I finally had a day to myself and I gave her quite the makeover.

Here she was before:

I got dibbs on this here (abused) mid-century nightstand

I got dibbs on this here (abused) mid-century nightstand

I know, I know. People really hate on people who paint wood. But you know what- I FOUND IT IN THE SNOW IN THE STREET AND IT WAS IN KIND OF CRAPPY SHAPE SO I PAINTED IT! I did google it to see if it was worth money- the closest I found only netted 23$ so I figured it wasn’t that nice…

I was inspired by something I found on Apartment Therapy. I taped off a little of the natural wood and reverted to my old favorite, Gloss Almond. Naturally the tape started to peel off while I was painting things, but thanks to my mad painting skills I managed to save it.

This would happen when I'm trying to make clean lines...

This would happen when I’m trying to make clean lines…

It took two coats. Like a lazy person I only cleaned and didn’t do any sanding or priming. To clean up the lines I simply used a DecoColor opaque paint marker in (none other than) Teal. I did use my ruler though to attempt a straight line.

Tada! Neo-nightstand!

Tada! Neo-nightstand!

Here is a detail shot:

Just a little subtle shape...

Just a little subtle shape…

This is what I had before:

The always temporary shelf...

The always temporary shelf…

But Now:

So nice... and ahem, convenient bedside drawer...

So nice… and ahem, convenient bedside drawer…

To see the full effect (and Tuesday the mini moo cat):

Cat Attack!

Cat Attack!

I’d tell you this is where the magic happens but my recent circumstance pretty much means the only sharing of the bed will be with my two furry babies. I am happy though (both about finding castaway furniture and moving on with my life), cause one man’s trash (or rather, parking spot holder) is my new treasure and it is pretty awesome. As far as finding furniture on my way home from exercising (and then making it fantastic!), I got dibbs on this big time!

xoxo- Nikki


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