Washi Tape Two Ways

Washi tape two ways today. Washi tape is super fun, colorful, trendy, and already all over Nikki’s apartment.  (Or at least it was for a while). Here’s my take on the semi sticky stuff.

The first was a crazy DIY from my kitchen that evolved of many wine with ice evenings longing to paint my renter’s white apartment walls.  The kitchen really needed more lime green.  I told you I was going for a fiesta theme awhile back…

The tapes are from an art store in nyc; it’s colored masking tape.  Two widths.  Artfully layered.  Madhouse fun!


The second here is a more practical approach.  In an effort to get organized for my cross country move, I needed a plan.  I can only take ‘x’ amount of stuff.  The blue washi tape is the exact (i hope) dimensions of a truck bed.

This is also how New Yorkers pack.  I’ve seen it done!  You can’t really leave anything in a vehicle overnight on the street, so creatively we’ve adapted to pre-packing everything indoors to make sure it will all fit, tetris style.  Seriously, I hope I can fit my whole life into a space this tiny…


Cross country move step one.




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