On Euler Circuits

Today we are going to deviate from the usual DIY post. It is time to spend some time on Euler Circuits. It is not the biggest secret that Alexandra and myself are simultaneously experiencing some major life changes at the moment. While Alex is scaling down her life to fit in the back of a pick-up truck and making plans to return to the great state of Illinois, I am relearning how to be a non-robot version of myself. In all honesty we are both fucking terrified.

I keep telling myself:


(You know I’m not done with this rant… read on).

So on Euler Circuits: In art school, they only make you take one math class, Math 113.  This is Math for non-math majors. Math 113 covered things like balancing checkbooks, how state IDs arrive at that number that appears on your driver’s license (I do not remember how that actually worked) and Euler Circuits. Euler Circuits, as Alex and I understand are basically the most efficient pathways for completing a task.  Think how a mail person delivers mail without backtracking or repeating a path. In school, we often used this theory in delivering valentines to all our favorite boys, completing various errands and tasks, and even in hitting up our favorite bars.

We both went our separate ways to two of the biggest metropolitan areas in the country. Upon our urban arrivals, Euler Circuits might have been the most practical thing either one of us learned in school. (Obviously besides how to have the best friend in the universe). Efficiently completing things (and maximizing your cta/mta pass is crucial on both a monetary and time budget).

I spent yesterday walking around in the Chicago cold. In one day I managed to retrieve my paintings, have retail therapy at my happy place (target), score some cheap paint at my second happy place (home depot), hit up my favorite neighborhood bodega, have a surprisingly quality phone conversation with an old friend, and watch Dexter until 4:30 am. The only retracing of my steps I did was when I had to return to the art space in relation to the place I woke up. More or less a giant figure 8 for the whole day.

In short, I walked around all day in the freezing cold listening to music and tried to figure out how the heck I feel about everything that is happening right now. I know that I remained in my relationship for as long as I did to avoid feeling lonely. There is an irony in knowing that I feel no more or less lonely than before. There are moments where the whole infinite potential of the universe fills me with something between hope and euphoria and others where it leaves and I feel empty and completely alone. I have been so lucky to have reasons to make art. In the moments where I feel that excitement of being alive I have made very simple pieces that have made me very happy. I was lucky enough to have some people let me put my work on a wall and even luckier to watch people take pictures of my work with their phones.

My art on a wall!

My art on a wall!

This new time is forcing me to use Euler circuits. It is like efficient planning for the near future. If I intend to stay somewhere besides my house, I might as well pack some yoga clothes so I can hit that up on my way home. And then on the way home from that, I might as well grab some groceries. Instead of thinking about a hypothetical future with someone I get to worry about my own self, my own needs, and what I want to get out of my time. I’m reminded that I like myself, and that I have super amazing people who have found their way into my life. I’ve managed to find a job (yay!) and for once I just don’t care that it’s not a “big girl job.”

Sorry for this bumbling on Euler Circuits. I have some ideas for projects and I am sure they will find their way into the blog… In the mean time I guess I’ve rambled on long enough. Talk to you guys later.



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