Cross country moving: part two

This is the second installment of Alexandra’s epic, life-changing, move across the country. From a farm to Brooklyn and back again to start all over.

In part one, I narrowed down all the items that I had to have to survive as an artist in the Midwest.

As a New Yorker, many tasks are greatly complicated by city life… Buying groceries, for example. Buying a sofa to fit in your tiny not-up-to-code apartment, for example. Moving, too!

I tried to sell, sell, sell via craigslist and apartment therapy’s marketplace. Turns out I’m too cheap to just give it away.. It was not priced to sell, whoops! And I didn’t live in a neighborhood that was easily located for pick up. Anyways, I took what I could fit, left a lot behind, and found a convenient buyer for that sofa that never made me happy.

In NYC, you cannot really leave stuff sitting outside. I learned this moving technique from some friends that moved out of Brooklyn years ago. They taped off the exact dimensions of their moving van and began packing indoors, Tetris style, and then carefully replicated it on moving day morning. And that folks, is exactly what we have here.


In these three photos you can witness one of the biggest decisions of my life take shape. See how having the flu for a week paired with a break-up of a 4 year relationship can really turn your shared apartment space into a hot mess!


It all fits! My whole entire life in NYC (minus epic amount of baggage… That four year relationship, that unfulfilling job I quit after only 3 months, furnitures, street finds, city living stress, tangible objects that were not sentimental nor useful) fits into one regular size pick up truck.


My move may have been overkill. I’m calling it the bandaid technique… Just make all the changes and get on with your life and happiness finding. It was not a light hearted decision and I had been pondering for quite some time before pull the bandaid off. It’s stinging only a little. I’m already healing. And all the fresh oxygen is really making me feel all tingly and ready for new adventures.



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