The Healing Power of Teal

There are two types of people in this world. The people who like teal and the people who don’t. Obviously Alexandra and I fall into the category of pro teal, and if you are one of those people who hates it, well, we don’t like you either. I think today is a good day to discuss the healing power of teal, and look how to integrate it into any decorating scheme.

New Sew Curtains

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It started inside our tiny little house. Perhaps (without doubt) this is where it all started. I’ve done a digital story about our favorite little house. We drove by it a hundred times, and when left with few options we actually went inside. It had the grossest carpet ever, but that carpet covered wood floors which our landlords let us paint “Truly Teal”. In our logic, “Truly Teal” was the only color that would look good with our orange couch. With “Dancing Green” walls we pretty much lived in a genie-bottle avocado.

905 numbers

Saying that Teal has healing power is a bold statement. First, we need to loosely define teal. For Alexandra and myself, Teal is not one specific color, rather it is a range between blue and green. (Teal is a state of mind! jk..). While I think we gravitate towards pigment that has not been shaded or lightened, our scale for teal encapsulates most colors between mint or sea foam green, to pacific (or any water-based name) blue, with preference given to colors between cyan and turquoise. It may have been growing up in a house that featured cobalt blue, but I find my self tending to seek out “teals” with plenty of blue in them.


The things I made in art school…

Ok, “What is the healing power of teal?” you ask. Have you ever found peace staring into the ocean? Have you ever pulled the perfect shade of blue-green ink over a screen for that perfectly crisp print? Has your skin ever glowed in the middle of summer while wearing your favorite teal shirt and for one day nothing mattered besides the people sharing the perfect afternoon? Have your walls/boring neutral furniture been crying for attention until you bestowed upon them The PERFECT ACCENT OF TEAL! HAVE YOU EVER GIVEN A DINGY HOUSE A NEW LIFE BY RIPPING UP THE CARPET, PAINTING THE FLOORS “TRULY TEAL”AND ALLOWED YOURSELF TO LOVE THE LIFE YOU ARE LIVING?

Ok, there I was getting all yell-y and nostalgic, but the teal band-aid effect is real and about as effective as “rubbing grass on it” for injuries that are not actually serious. Blues and greens are colors of water and life. Teals calm us and bring us serenity. It is the perfect (range of) color to complement our auras, whatever shades they might temporarily be. Life is long and hard, but teal is there in those moments between day and night were we attend sunset concerts with friends and family.  Teal can cover ugly floors and furniture, bringing water elements to woods (what am I writing here, a horoscope?). Teal can make an orange couch less offensive, or a grey bed less boring…


The chairs that started the blog!

Teal is so easy to use! If you are afraid start small! Pillows, vases, other little accents like picture frames. If you are not afraid go bold! Curtains! Paint a wall or your floors (lease agreements pending!) Can’t paint your floor? Get a teal rug! Accents in the bathroom- mats and towels! It always has water- why not FIND SOME SERENITY…


Do you believe me yet? There is something regarding the healing power of teal, or Alexandra and myself would stop using it as a go to color scheme. Right?


I even sewed those chevron pillows!

Voila! The healing power of Teal! I promise more (new) projects soon once this crazy time is over!



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