Animal Pun Valentines

Holy Toledo, I feel like I have not had any time to do anything fun. I recently started a new job and the training process has been rather intense. I technically have not had a day off since Superbowl Sunday. Today is Valentines day and of course, I have no valentine and I have to work but I managed to make all my new coworkers animal pun valentines. They are hilarious, I hope everyone gets a kick out of em.

you have all of the KOALAFICATIONS to be my valentine...

you have all of the KOALAFICATIONS to be my valentine…



I basically just used leftover paper and chartpac markers. First time in 4 years, that instead of a birthday/Valentines day with one person I have 20 people to spend the day with… I cannot wait for it to not be freezing outside. I miss running and finding alley treasure… THE BLOG NEEDS THE WEATHER TO GET BETTER, AMIRITE?

xoxo- Nikki


One thought on “Animal Pun Valentines

  1. Courtney

    These are so cute! I have made a lot of cards like this for my hubby through the years, but I haven’t thought of some of these. They are adorable. I especially LOVE the koala one!


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