How to save 100 dollars on haircare

Hello friends! Pesky gray hairs reminding you that you are nearing your 30’s? I have a very easy solution to DIY back to youthful glory. I have the secret how to save 100 dollars on haircare.

Step one. Go to Wallgreens. Select a box of hair-dye. It can help to purchase two boxes if you have longer or dye-resistant hair.

(Tip! To avoid dying your bathroom, get in the tub. You can feel out for when all your hairs get covered… Trust me on this one).

Step two. Go home and dye. If necessary, repeat.

For full salon effect, you can use scissors to trim. I recommend using sewing scissors over kitchen, but that’s just me. If your hair is long enough you can simply part down the middle in the back, pull each side forward (like a beard) hold and cut straight across. You-tube is chock full of tutorials for how to cut your hair. Watch more than once.

Boom. New hair dids. You only had to spend 10$. This is how to save 100 dollars on haircare. Be sure to use a decent conditioner. I promise… home DIY stuff soon. Working on a top secret project involving bleach. Meanwhile my hair is a tinge redder, the gray is gone, and my ends are freshly trimmed (and yes, we’re still keeping the bangs…).

xoxo- Nikki


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