Halfway Completed Project

Even my mother has commented that I haven’t blogged lately. Sorry! I’ve done one halfway completed project. I have been really busy with work and working out. (I started “doing” crossfit… I’m pretty much starting at zero upper body strength, but hey! I aim to have that bikini body by summer.). Over my few days off I did start this project… Just waiting for the inspiration to finish it!

Since I re-did my bedroom I have been staring at this:


Or rather this from where I sleep:


It’s actually this, back from when I was young. I remember my mother purchasing it at Kmart. It was wear where I housed my Barbies and trolls.


I used a 50 cent reject jar of paint from Home Depot and a foam brush. This was the first time I had tried out the paint. It is very matte…


I also swapped out the lamp. The old lamp I found when I was moving out of my last apartment. The guy next door was putting it into the alley as my parents were about to drive me to my new apartment. Needless to say, I snagged it. The lamp I just replaced it came from the (dungeon of a ) basement from that same old apartment. It had been living downstairs but since I no longer hang out down there I thought it would work better in my room.


I either need another coat of paint or a cool pattern or somethings… waiting for the motivation to strike. Thus, you have a halfway completed project. I’m trying- I am! It is hard to paint alley treasures when there is snow and ice and I am not running around finding cool things.

xoxo- Nikki


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