March Madness

Hola friends! I know I’ve been a little MIA. I would like to tell you a little about my March Madness. No, not the silly basketball tournament but rather my continual quest to figure out what the heck to do with my life. I have been working a lot which is good and distracting but also exhausting. I am slowly getting to know my new work family which is interesting and quite fun (too much fun sometimes.). I am dealing with living with my ex, but come on! You’ve seen how cool this apartment is and if I am going to stay in Chicago I should probably hang on to it and start scoping for roommates… (Blah blah blah)

But ug! It’s still cold and gross out. It was snowing this morning. I am honestly not sure if I can take another Chicago winter, especially if this one is never going to end. I’m a year older now… I do feel it somedays. I tried out crossfit at a local gym but when my free week was over I decided to run outside cause well, that’s free. Also the cutie had a girlfriend :( (Also, I didn’t really need to get that buff… running works just fine.).

For my birthday I took myself on a weekend trip to Asheville, North Carolina. Really I went to visit a very dear and amazing friend who is having a rougher time than me. It made me realize just how important letting the people in your life know that you love them is. I really liked Asheville, but I think it is just a tad too hippy-dippy for me. I do like the mountains though.  I am trying to scout out where to go if I leave Chicago. Now that I am single I can wait tables start my scavenged furniture restoration/gallery/lamp building company anywhere.

I suppose my March Madness lies in that I just feel like I am not getting anything productive done. It’s just wake up, work out, work, sleep. Do it again. On my days off I am so tired I just lie around in bed with the cats. I’ve tried going on dates but maybe I’m not ready for that yet? Living with the ex is pretty easy because our schedules are so different. But somedays it just infuriates me and now I am one day closer to being 30 and still single. I wish he  I could have figured it out earlier. I have my art in another show, but it’s just a few polaroids so I feel like I’m cheating. I also need to figure out how to mount three of them onto something in the next 24 hours…

I miss finding treasure in alleys and painting it. I did see an end table that I had to walk away from because 1, I was just too far from home and 2, I really don’t need anymore small tables. Hopefully soon I will do some more projects. I am getting an itch to find a new rug, so perhaps I find a simple one and paint it? I am also about ready to change up my curtains… I know I’ll have to make more no sew curtains so it’s really a matter of finding the right fabric. My dear friend has a garage and I would really like to give upholstery a try this spring. (March Madness is that it’s still fricken freezing outside!!!) I keep hoping Alex will move up to Chicago, but there is always a possibility I’ll save enough money, buy an Airstream trailer and start my grand adventure.


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