The End is in Sight

In less than two weeks I will finally be able to get on with my life. After the most amicable break up that has somehow lasted 5 months I have won and am keeping the apartment! I have lined up a new person to move in and have already started experimenting with new decorations. Last week I tried to make some new curtains and while they are cute I just am not in love with them. They might look different with my future roomie’s furniture but I am just not in love…

You may remember my fabric ideas from this post. Well I went with the first option and just like my new sew DIY curtains I went about making them on the floor.


So I did exactly the same thing as last time, watching some TV while not sewing my new curtains. (And maybe a little wine with ice while I DIY’d… It was my day off after all). I actually realized right away that I was not in love with the fabric but I had bought 12 yards so I forged ahead.


I know they could look different with different furniture so I tried rearranging the stuff I have:


I even tried adding back the teal ones over the poppy print.


I think the biggest issue for me is that they just look cheap. I feel like they look like old bedsheets or something. I think once my new roommate moves in I will probably buy either already made curtains from Ikea in a neutral color or DIY some out of a linen type fabric. I am sure the yards and yards of poppy print could be useful for updating the pillows to go with her red couch set. I have found that my second issue with the curtains is now there is a condo being build next door and some of my daylight is gone, and I feel like a more neutral hanging is necessary. :/ C’est la vie, I guess.

xoxo- Nikki


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