I’m Back!

Hola amigos! I’m back! I had to take a little break from blogging while I dealt with all the fantastic feelings that accompany ex’s moving out (and other exes getting married and well, everyone in the facebook feed having babies or getting engaged). Also every time I find myself with 3 days off in a row I try to go somewhere (close and with a free bed to sleep in) and call it a vacation. Yes friends, I’ve been vacationing. From blogging, and from life. I did get a new roommate, and I have to admit I like her much more than the last one… Haven’t really started any new projects, but here are some pics of the space with our shared stuffs (and oh, is there so much stuff).

First off, to prove how much fun I’m having this summer, check out the fridge:

All of my impossible project polaroids!

All of my impossible project polaroids!


But seriously- It is fun to find new places for all of the stuffs. Alex came to town (a few times, actually) and helped me clean up all of the plants.


You may remember my attempt to make new curtains to go with the red couches… For now they work I think…

Red Couches!

Red Couches!

Big Huge Dinner Table- for all our future parties

Big Huge Dinner Table- for all our future parties…

I will paint this soon...(Duh, gloss almond...)

I will paint this soon…(Duh, gloss almond…)

It has taken all of my willpower on more than one of my runs to just walk away from the furniture I find in the alley… I know we need to find the right places for all of the things we have already… I did get to keep one good thing in the “divorce.” I was actually explaining this to someone and had to say, “I bet most girls don’t whip out their phones to show you how big their TV is.”

He left the TV...

He left the TV…

Though in all reality things just took six months to sort out, it is for real and I’m back! And better than fricken ever. We’ve already hash-tagged this summer, #summerofdoingstuffs (and we are surely doing stuffs).


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