Minor Adjustments

Bon Jour, mes amis! I know, I know what has been going on? Not much I’m afraid. I have made some minor adjustments to my living quarters, but I feel like I spend soo much time working that when I have the day off I need to spend it outside to make the most of this mellow Chicago Summer. After much debating and denial I have started online dating (per the advice of multiple, multiple friends) and while not quite sure how I feel about it, it is entertaining, none the less. Also! Today my adorable cat Tuesday is 9 years old! Nine! Tomorrow, well tomorrow marks the 10 year mark for when I brought the little orange bag of bones home. Bon Jovi, the snuggliest orange cat has *ahem kept me alive for 10 whole years.

The cutest cats in the world!

The cutest cats in the world!


As for the apartment, my roommate has SO MUCH STUFF. I have crammed some of my own furniture in the closest under the roof eaves and piled it into my bedroom. Because those red couches were so, red I ended up getting some neutral curtains from Ikea! look:

Before! Much too dark!

Before! Much too dark!

New curtains! And new rug too!

New curtains! And new rug too!

You may notice I also painted the lampshades again. They started a light green, and I went to “Catalina Mist” with the old curtains. When I hung up the nice neutral Ikea ones I spray painted them teal! (Remember from this post? Super easy DIY).

We also have a small jungle cultivating:


Every picture I try to take has everything in silhouette… Just know that the plants are there!

I can’t help it when the roommate decorates when I am gone… you may have spotted a flag or a weird lamp or butterfly and I just have to live with these minor adjustments… I swear one day soon I am going to get out the gloss almond and make all our furniture match, but I guess I am just waiting for that rainy day…




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