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What Really Happens

I’ve done it. I’ve made it a whole month here in lovely Seattle, Wa. Sadly, the Seahawks lost the big game yesterday. It would have been really fun to participate in the energy that would have accompanied them when they returned to the Emerald City. But this is not a Seahawks blog. Actually, it used to be a DIY blog but the DIY is on pause as I try to get everything figured out in the next two months. So let me tell you, what really happens when you move alone across the country.

1. You have a hard time sleeping. I attribute this to my job search which tends to wake me up at four in the morning. Now, you can’t really do much at four AM but I still spend nearly an hour each night willing myself back to sleep, only to wake up around 7:00 AM, just in time to watch the sky turn colors.


2. You meet a random person when you accidentally crash a UFC fight night (I thought it was supposed to be a Chicago bar! I just wanted to catch the Bulls game!). They actually end up becoming a pretty nice friend and are willing to hang out with you. (They also make sure you eat your first bag of Dicks! I know how that sounds, but it was pretty hilarious and delicious). The other person you meet is someone who just did nearly the same thing as you. I found a girl on Tumblr who moved out here in August and she has become my go-to person for happy hour drinks, gossip, and you-can-do-it pep talks.

3. You get talked into doing activities that would normally not be very appealing to you. Last weekend I went spelunking for the first time. I spent the entire time terrified that I would twist my ankle and not be able to run. Also, it was cold. It was wet. It was dark. Like really dark. It took around two hours to get through the whole cave. Then I hung out in a yurt. That was better. I told everyone I would become a mountain woman, but I guess I didn’t think it would happen so quickly. Also, because I moved out here with three suitcases, one of which was full of plants I have a limited outfit selection. Combine that with not wanting to spend any money I don’t have to… My hiking shoes are also my running shoes. Fortunately I have found things in the house I’m staying at like sleeping bags and proper outdoor-type jackets.

This is my spelunking face

This is my spelunking face

4. You actually forgot that you moved. Yes! This is what really happens. You get a craving for wings or something and then you wonder whats the special at 5 Star, and then you remember 5 Star is in Chicago, so it doesn’t matter what night it is. I mean, they have wings in Seattle, but well. You know.

5. If you move to Seattle you find yourself in a Subaru. I have been lucky to meet some people who either want to get me out of the city, or drop me off because heaven forbid I have to ride the bus at night. I have definitely already rode in at least if not more than four Subarus. That stereotype is true!

6. You give away your newbie status by shamelessly taking photo after photo of a local landmark. In Chicago it was the bean, Seattle has that silly space needle and gosh darn it, I love it. I also happen to live near Kerry Park so practically every other day I join the tourists and snap a photo of the lovely skyline.


The Space Needle!

So, here I am, Seattle! Find me a job, please. I can’t wait to do more to enjoy this great place, but I’d like to be able to sleep a little better. I’m excited to feel like less of a tourist and more like a productive member of society. Oh, you know what really happens when you move across the country alone? You blog about your boring life as an excuse to share your photos of a local landmark… hehe. Kidding, only a little. I miss everyone come visit please.

Seattle Skyline

The view from Kerry Park at night

xoxo- Nikki