Who the heck puts ice in wine?

Nikki is using all her Liberal Arts degrees to blog about painting chairs teal while pretending that student loan payments aren’t due… After failing on her own at starting a few blogs, she figured she might as well use her new media studies master’s degree to try and figure out wordpress once and for all.  She hoped by tricking her friends into helping her that just maybe she could curate a blog and I don’t know, figure out what to do with her life. She has a pretty nifty website www.nikkiproctor.com and 500faceproject,a sweet Polaroid portrait project. Her ultimate goal is to win the internet.

Alexandra is in the process of redefining full-time employment as a New York licensed and registered Art Therapist, who may or may not be stuck in New York.  For her, self-care comes in the organic form of indoor and urban container gardening, cooking, and let’s be honest, drinking.  Bouncing back and forth between Brooklyn, NY and tiny towns in southern Illinois, of course with stop-overs to visit fabulous friends ;)

Other lovely ladies have been invited to contribute, and as soon as life allows them they can introduce themselves. COME ON GALS! I KNOW YOU ARE DOING ALL SORTS OF NEAT STUFF

We appreciate feedback, but please don’t ever tell us to look on craigslist for anything. We know it’s there.

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