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Treat Yo Self

MULLED WINE FOR ONE ANYONE? It’s Friday which means that this is the perfect excuse to treat yo self. Earlier this week it snowed here in Chicago for the first time of the season (and thank goodness it didn’t stick), but I surely took that as an excuse to listen to the Dean Martin Christmas station on Pandora and begin some commisssioned paintings/holiday cards and drink some lovely mulled wine for one. A perfect holiday (or cold weather) themed seasonal cocktail!

Read on for my secret recipe and instructions!
This is so easy and obvious you are going to wonder why you are not doing it yourself yet treat(ing) yo self.

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Shift Happens

It is no secret I’ve been itching for a change job-wise. Well, as luck would have it the universe is making sure shift happens. I’m out if town staying in the most luxurious of country homes (really! I had lobster Benedict for breakfast) and back home in Chicago the life I knew is already changing. My little restaurant is not the same and I am not sure I have a job to go back to.


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To Fly or Not to Fly

To fly or not to fly (either by plane or the seats of our pants) is a topic Nikki and I speak frequently about. (Righteously confused with fight or flight) so we are going to rename this the ‘indecision DIY life blog’.. seriously. Just kidding!

Sorry for the lack of posts in the last of two weeks. I had a delightful BFF visit, which included too much fun; a cold complete with dual pink eye (ew!) and then days of bed rest; losing track of time, in general; and two rightfully post-poned real-job interviews (fingers crossed).

Let’s pretend I have been blogging the whole time and I’ll do a summer wrap up…

1. It’s almost Fall. Seasonal changes make me feel emotional and question life. I try to exercise and do stuff. So far, I got a FREE (curly) haircut and sweet, full-sized samples for my patience as a hair model at Ouidad. Fall also means my urban outdoor container garden is almost finished. See below for my awesomely garlic-y Basil Pesto recipe, in action. So Good! I made enough to freeze. You should make it also, dear readers, and squirrel it away in the freezer for December.. trust me! So yeah, Fall makes me feel like a squirrel. Let’s not forget I grew up on a real farm in the middle of no-man’s-land, and right now it is probably harvest season.

pesto recipe

this is my top secret recipe

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Saturday spent dreaming at that website…. Check it out, tiny houses–on wheels! Super DIY.

Not going to rant about my cheap 1300~~ sq. ft. apartment here… Just going to say that my generation, and future, can be filled with fancy travel all over the globe. We travel by air; we’re living in the future!  Maybe I need to figure out how to work everywhere. Seriously?  How many vacations can a person take in a year?? #nomortgage4lyfe  #goodproblems

Come visit me friends!  As soon as I get back from Ecuador…

(This: I’m paraphrasing from a money blog…)
Life tripod: people, place, profession.

Lift off a negative one/ third of that tripod and I’m light enough to float away… Goodbye harsh 9-5 job, but somehow; Questioning the ‘place’ today.  DIY life.

and, in the meantime:

Saturnight mojitos. #garden #mint #vodka  recipe as pic.