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Houseplant Makeover

Don’t let your houseplants get bigger than you!!!

This Peace Lily plant hails from an impulsive Home Depot purchase. Flowers occasionally. Currently resides in my bedroom, adds to the love jungle look that I’m going for here. Self-watering container (2 nesting containers, just add water to outside pot).

Peace lily has really let herself go. She was looking a little overgrown and lopsided due to being shoved in a corner and never rotated.


Whoa girl! Crazy plant hair!

I cut off all the ugly. Fresh cropped cut. (DIY haircuts anyone?).


Then, a quick rinse in the shower. She might go through a little shock, but hopefully this will encourage new healthy leaf growth.


Volia! DIY Plant Save!

What a babe! Now, maybe I will take better care.


To Fly or Not to Fly

To fly or not to fly (either by plane or the seats of our pants) is a topic Nikki and I speak frequently about. (Righteously confused with fight or flight) so we are going to rename this the ‘indecision DIY life blog’.. seriously. Just kidding!

Sorry for the lack of posts in the last of two weeks. I had a delightful BFF visit, which included too much fun; a cold complete with dual pink eye (ew!) and then days of bed rest; losing track of time, in general; and two rightfully post-poned real-job interviews (fingers crossed).

Let’s pretend I have been blogging the whole time and I’ll do a summer wrap up…

1. It’s almost Fall. Seasonal changes make me feel emotional and question life. I try to exercise and do stuff. So far, I got a FREE (curly) haircut and sweet, full-sized samples for my patience as a hair model at Ouidad. Fall also means my urban outdoor container garden is almost finished. See below for my awesomely garlic-y Basil Pesto recipe, in action. So Good! I made enough to freeze. You should make it also, dear readers, and squirrel it away in the freezer for December.. trust me! So yeah, Fall makes me feel like a squirrel. Let’s not forget I grew up on a real farm in the middle of no-man’s-land, and right now it is probably harvest season.

pesto recipe

this is my top secret recipe

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So, if I haven’t written for a while, it is because I am on a small vacation at Alexandra’s! We are terrorizing NYC and Brooklyn with our amazing style and spending all of our money on Chinatown purchases and sweet sale clothing. I would like to note, Alexandra’s house is a DIY paradise full of street finds, travel souvenirs, nick-nacks, and remnants from our old art school days.


Wine and friendship in New York!

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Saturday spent dreaming at that website…. Check it out, tiny houses–on wheels! Super DIY.

Not going to rant about my cheap 1300~~ sq. ft. apartment here… Just going to say that my generation, and future, can be filled with fancy travel all over the globe. We travel by air; we’re living in the future!  Maybe I need to figure out how to work everywhere. Seriously?  How many vacations can a person take in a year?? #nomortgage4lyfe  #goodproblems

Come visit me friends!  As soon as I get back from Ecuador…

(This: I’m paraphrasing from a money blog…)
Life tripod: people, place, profession.

Lift off a negative one/ third of that tripod and I’m light enough to float away… Goodbye harsh 9-5 job, but somehow; Questioning the ‘place’ today.  DIY life.

and, in the meantime:

Saturnight mojitos. #garden #mint #vodka  recipe as pic.




Crazy plant lady

This is my happy spot. My really, really happy I don’t care if Mosquitos eat me alive I gotta water my babies every night happy spot.

I started things from seed late March in my bay window. Herbs did not make it. I blame the peat pots. Any seeds that I sowed outside were instantly gobbled up by squirrels. So many lessons to be learned in the garden!

This is my biggest (urban) garden yet. I used 3 gallon pots and 5 gallon buckets with holes in bottom, a few dollar store containers for the herbs, and potting soil from the big box store. Nothing too crazy or fancy. Oh but the tomato cages, now those are fancy! I tried with sticks last year and it was not pretty or sturdy enough. I gotta represent for the landlords. Classy front patio garden.

I’m really challenging some veggies to grow in containers. I had to zip tie some netting to help cucumbers grow vertically. Squash can grow to cover 10′ square, so I’m probably limiting it in the pot and keeping it off the ground.

What’s what? L to R: squash, Rutgers tomato, cucumber, cherry tomato, basil, and mint.

Also, cherry tomato is a small fruit, but a HUGE plant. Holy cow it’s over 5′ tall.

What do you get with this garden? Italian stir fry, pickles, and mojitos!

Happy summer.








NEW YORK– Today is the last day of my first real job as an Art Therapist.  I have been launched into the adult dream career I set up, and managed to earn my NY license and national registration as an art therapist right in time.  I no longer fit under student status, and student loans are now a factor in my still unresolved 10 year plan.  I’d like to think that I would have left my job eventually if it wasn’t for the department-wide layoff.  I would have said I was not prepared if it wasn’t for the FOUR MONTHS of termination and close down procedures, but nothing can prepare you for the serious case of existential anxiety that comes with unemployment.  I hear weekly poems on “transitions” and process my feelings with my staff in the morning and then over drinks in the afternoon.  There’s no severance pay, they say, it’s a non-profit.  So I’m soaking up every bit of paid time off as a technical employee with no phone, keys, or laptop… until I can figure out what is next.


This is a little peak into my indoor garden.  I adopted the plant on the right after a co-worker abandoned him in the office.  I’ll leave out the part about my horrendous 4 train commute and looking like the crazy plant lady on the MTA.  It’s a succulent and you can tell by the thick leaves that hold water.  If the little leaves fall off, let them dry for a few days and then stick ’em in the dirt to propagate new plants.  See the little dino spikes like a crown around the tree plant?  They will all grow into new, individual plants.  I wonder if they also experience existential anxiety?