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Feeling Stuck

I am guessing it happens to all of us… feeling stuck. For over a year I have been on a tedious job search that has only yielded temporary solutions. I have gone on some of the worst interviews and some that seemed very promising only to never amount to anything. I have skimmed through self-help books per friend’s suggestions. I have tried Craigslist, LinkedIn, Monster, Simply Hired, and many other job search engines. I have tried to network. It is all so discouraging. I have not limited myself to staying in Chicago. (I have hoped for Colorado, California, and Montana). Why is this so hard?

So I started this blog. Most of the time, it is the primary source of my happiness. Through blogging I have discovered many things.

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Uh Oh…

Uh Oh, my beautiful mother is now following my blog. ¬†Better be careful not to let my sailor mouth shine through in my writing…

On the agenda for today!

1. Spray paint something! Sorry I haven’t done very many projects lately. A lot has been going on.

2. Pester Alexandra to do a post… (Nudge, nudge).

2. Interview! (Eek! Not the dream career but a pretty awesome restaurant that’s right by my house).

3. (Hopefully) celebrate my new job! Doesn’t hurt to have positive thinking!


To Quit or Not to Quit

It’s no secret that I am not employed in my dream career. To quit or not to quit is a question I ask myself every day, especially on perfectly sunny Saturday afternoons while the dread of having to go work in a restaurant creeps in.

On one hand, I do like being able to work 4 or less days a week and make more than most entry level professionals. In my free time I am able to workout in less crowded gyms, tackle the World Wide Web, scavenge for ally treasures, and do (and write about) DIY projects to my heart’s content.

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Wine Review

I don’t claim to be an expert, except for what I have tried myself, but here is my first ever wine review. As a fan of a good rose, I would like to introduce you to my favorite find from my local wine shop- The Noble Grape. If you are lucky they have a shelf near the door of their more affordable selections. Over the summer I found the Casal Garcia Vinho Verde.


For the sake of this wine review… If you believe that.

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Neverending Job Search

The problem, my friends, is that I have never known what I want to be when I grow up. My inner eight-year-old wanted to be an astronaut/ first female president that taught PE. That is why I have been on a neverending job search since I completed undergrad back in 2007. And then I went to graduate school and picked the wrong program but stuck it out since I had told everyone I was going and now here I am waiting tables with a masters degree and a massive amount of student debt.

I would like to say I believe in the power of manifestation, but in all honesty I haven’t found the job out there yet that I truly want. I do want to work hard. I do want to help people. I do want to constantly challenge myself. I guess I should do what everyone does when they need to get something done (or find a career/go on a job hunt). Make a list! Continue reading

Blogging From Work


Today, I am blogging from work. I am sitting for a moment eating my approved employee meal. I did cut the bangs yesterday and they were a success. The photos and rest of the haircut, however, were not. Looks like I’ll be rocking a ponytail for the next month or so.

I bitch about working in a restaurant with my multiple degrees, but it’s not the worst gig. We do really great farm to table dishes and serve high quality (=$$$) meat. I make pretty good money.

And, they let me hang my art on the walls. And sometimes, that art sells!

A few favorites:



And sometimes I blog from work…almost the dream (getting paid for this).


Before and After

I should really be applying for jobs, but since my mind space is still in a foreign country I’ll post up a before and after after and before picture and a list of places I still want to travel in my lifetime.

1. Morocco.
2. The rest of South America.
3. Belize, because I have a free week stay, thanks to suggesting
4. Anyplace that’s safe for a white girl in India.
5. Anyplace that’s safe for a white girl in Mexico.
6. Approximately all of Europe.
7. Alaska (by cruise ship).
8. Savannah, Georgia.
9. California.
10. The moon (round trip).

If I was brave and smart I’d figure a way to provide Art Therapy in foreign places. But that requires funding, speaking the language, and also sticking around long enough to form relationships with people in order to actually help them.

For the moment I’m staying put, and decorating. See the lovely teal traditional table cloth from a market Ecuador? I switched it out in my kitchen. I used two thumbtacks to hang it, seriously. Best injection of color while abiding the renter no paint rule!