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The End is in Sight

In less than two weeks I will finally be able to get on with my life. After the most amicable break up that has somehow lasted 5 months I have won and am keeping the apartment! I have lined up a new person to move in and have already started experimenting with new decorations. Last week I tried to make some new curtains and while they are cute I just am not in love with them. They might look different with my future roomie’s furniture but I am just not in love…

You may remember my fabric ideas from this post. Well I went with the first option and just like my new sew DIY curtains I went about making them on the floor.


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Roommate Anticipation

Ok, I admit it. I haven’t done squat in terms of DIY apartment fixin’ uping. However, I have found my next roommate! (Now if the current one could just get the f* out!). I am excited to live with a female again, even though my last experience was the absolute worst. My new roomie is coming with lots of paintable furniture (yaaaay!!!)  and  a complete set of matching RED couches (not sure if I love or hate this) but in my roommate anticipation I have been trying to figure out how to incorporate my future cohabiter’s things with my own fun style.

I have been scouring daily for deals on fabric. I have been meaning to switch up the no sew curtains. Since I get to live with a girl I am thinking FLOWERS! Whaaat? These are my two favorite options thus far:

poppy 2

poppy 1

For some reason I really like poppy prints. I also like that these have a little teal (cause we all know about how much I love the color teal).

I think I will have to change up the green lampshades, but I am wondering if I can spray paint “Catalina Mist” successfully over the green… (Obviously I will try and let you know how that goes).

My new roommate is also coming with a giant kitchen table, a car (YAY!), and the best part three jobs so I don’t have to worry about her ability to pay the rent! I really hope she doesn’t mind driving me to Ikea once we figure out the furniture arrangement because I am thinking some new rugs are in order.  I will probably move the grey rug up into my bedroom. Not sure If I want to keep the crazy black and white one in the kitchen, or replace it with something a little more high-traffic friendly.

cats on a rug

The reason I can’t have nice things!

The past few months have been pretty nuts. I started a new job which i hate to admit that I enjoy, and I’ve made significant progress on starting my dream entrepreneurial career. Ok, I came up with the name and bought the URL, but that is a huge step in the scheme of things. I’ve met a ton of new people and despite a winter that refuses to leave I am beginning to love this windy city once again. I have more or less decided to stay at least another year. I’ve accumulated more polaroids for my project and even shown work in 2 shows. I’ve already traveled twice this year and I even filed my taxes! (Gold star, self).

I’m pretty pumped for the ex to get the heck out, and the roommate anticipation is encouraging me to creatively decorate once again. Spring is fighting her way in, and I know I already have a little in my step.

xoxo- Nikki

Halfway Completed Project

Even my mother has commented that I haven’t blogged lately. Sorry! I’ve done one halfway completed project. I have been really busy with work and working out. (I started “doing” crossfit… I’m pretty much starting at zero upper body strength, but hey! I aim to have that bikini body by summer.). Over my few days off I did start this project… Just waiting for the inspiration to finish it!

Since I re-did my bedroom I have been staring at this:


Or rather this from where I sleep:


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The Healing Power of Teal

There are two types of people in this world. The people who like teal and the people who don’t. Obviously Alexandra and I fall into the category of pro teal, and if you are one of those people who hates it, well, we don’t like you either. I think today is a good day to discuss the healing power of teal, and look how to integrate it into any decorating scheme.

New Sew Curtains

Click here to learn how to make no sew curtains!

It started inside our tiny little house. Perhaps (without doubt) this is where it all started. I’ve done a digital story about our favorite little house. We drove by it a hundred times, and when left with few options we actually went inside. It had the grossest carpet ever, but that carpet covered wood floors which our landlords let us paint “Truly Teal”. In our logic, “Truly Teal” was the only color that would look good with our orange couch. With “Dancing Green” walls we pretty much lived in a genie-bottle avocado.

905 numbers

Saying that Teal has healing power is a bold statement. First, we need to loosely define teal. For Alexandra and myself, Teal is not one specific color, rather it is a range between blue and green. (Teal is a state of mind! jk..). While I think we gravitate towards pigment that has not been shaded or lightened, our scale for teal encapsulates most colors between mint or sea foam green, to pacific (or any water-based name) blue, with preference given to colors between cyan and turquoise. It may have been growing up in a house that featured cobalt blue, but I find my self tending to seek out “teals” with plenty of blue in them.


The things I made in art school…

Ok, “What is the healing power of teal?” you ask. Have you ever found peace staring into the ocean? Have you ever pulled the perfect shade of blue-green ink over a screen for that perfectly crisp print? Has your skin ever glowed in the middle of summer while wearing your favorite teal shirt and for one day nothing mattered besides the people sharing the perfect afternoon? Have your walls/boring neutral furniture been crying for attention until you bestowed upon them The PERFECT ACCENT OF TEAL! HAVE YOU EVER GIVEN A DINGY HOUSE A NEW LIFE BY RIPPING UP THE CARPET, PAINTING THE FLOORS “TRULY TEAL”AND ALLOWED YOURSELF TO LOVE THE LIFE YOU ARE LIVING?

Ok, there I was getting all yell-y and nostalgic, but the teal band-aid effect is real and about as effective as “rubbing grass on it” for injuries that are not actually serious. Blues and greens are colors of water and life. Teals calm us and bring us serenity. It is the perfect (range of) color to complement our auras, whatever shades they might temporarily be. Life is long and hard, but teal is there in those moments between day and night were we attend sunset concerts with friends and family.  Teal can cover ugly floors and furniture, bringing water elements to woods (what am I writing here, a horoscope?). Teal can make an orange couch less offensive, or a grey bed less boring…


The chairs that started the blog!

Teal is so easy to use! If you are afraid start small! Pillows, vases, other little accents like picture frames. If you are not afraid go bold! Curtains! Paint a wall or your floors (lease agreements pending!) Can’t paint your floor? Get a teal rug! Accents in the bathroom- mats and towels! It always has water- why not FIND SOME SERENITY…


Do you believe me yet? There is something regarding the healing power of teal, or Alexandra and myself would stop using it as a go to color scheme. Right?


I even sewed those chevron pillows!

Voila! The healing power of Teal! I promise more (new) projects soon once this crazy time is over!


I Think I Found My Next Project!

Now that I have successfully (for the time being) dealt with my *lovely* rental cabinets I have been scratching my head for the next big DIY project to conquer.  While I have been dreaming over plans to build a tiny little house, I stumbled on something while perusing Design Sponge’s before and after archives. This is me yelling excitedly! I THINK I FOUND MY NEXT PROJECT!

While you may be familiar with Alex’s sofa debacle, I merely breeze over my situation. (I inherited a cat-scratced leather sectional with my last apartment). I had been using some crafty drop cloths as no sew slipcovers, but Alex’s recent foray into adult furniture purchasing has sparked a wee bit o’ jealousy. Until this very moment! I know what I’m gonna try once the Holiday Monies start rolling in (no, not gifts, I have a seasonal job right now…) PAINT MY COUCH! Why, you ask? If it doesn’t work out, I can always recover it with my *stunning* no sew drop cloth slipcovers… Woot! I think I found my next project!

before & after: painted sofa | Design*Sponge.


Updated View

I know I just published a post about my updated kitchen cabinets but I am just SOOO happy I wanted to share with you an updated view from the front of my apartment now that the ugly cabinets are covered! Soooooooo happy! Also,Happy Halloween everybody!

Bonus points if you spy the sleeping kitty!

Bonus points if you spy the sleeping kitty!

xoxo- Nikki

Easy Sew Cushion Covers

I know I promote no sew projects but I broke down and made some easy sew cushion covers. A certain orange cat made a mess while I was on vacation and despite my washing attempts ruined my favorite owl pillow. So I decided to attempt the impossible and dust off the ol’ sewing machine. (By old I mean it was my mother’s in the 70s). As someone who’s middle school curriculum did not involve home ec, google helped me thread bobbins and “adjust the tension.”

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