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The secret magic absolutely necessary liquid


I was joking with a friend the other day that living in Chicago it is entirely possible to almost furnish ones entire apartment  with salvaged finds from the alley.  It is even easier to make the mishmash of furniture look like you purchased it all together. The Trick? A really great latex paint. My secret? Rustoleum Painters Touch Ultra Cover in Gloss Almond.

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My attempt at a style cure… the before photos


So I signed up for Apartment Therapy’s style cure. After spending the weekend not taking inspiration photos as suggested in the syllabus, I did decide that my middle “living room” is in desperate need of some styling. Ideally we would have made the front room be the living/tv room but with the size of our existing furniture and the position(lack) of outlets/cable ports we ultimately decided to use the space in the middle room. Some of it works, and some of it needs some serious attention.

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Saturday spent dreaming at that website…. Check it out, tiny houses–on wheels! Super DIY.

Not going to rant about my cheap 1300~~ sq. ft. apartment here… Just going to say that my generation, and future, can be filled with fancy travel all over the globe. We travel by air; we’re living in the future!  Maybe I need to figure out how to work everywhere. Seriously?  How many vacations can a person take in a year?? #nomortgage4lyfe  #goodproblems

Come visit me friends!  As soon as I get back from Ecuador…

(This: I’m paraphrasing from a money blog…)
Life tripod: people, place, profession.

Lift off a negative one/ third of that tripod and I’m light enough to float away… Goodbye harsh 9-5 job, but somehow; Questioning the ‘place’ today.  DIY life.

and, in the meantime:

Saturnight mojitos. #garden #mint #vodka  recipe as pic.




I just got paid to go on a hike!

Best 9-5 day! I’m still an employee for a few more days ;)

Woke up crazy early, after too much wine and not enough sleep, packed some snacks and barely caught the metro-north with my Art Therapy friend headed for a lovely day hike at Cold Spring, NY.

It was chilly, overcast, steep, rocky, and just what I needed! For me it’s been a summer of trying new things and getting out to enjoy this city and beyond… If I’m going to stay in NYC I gotta make it work for me, right?

As hard as it is to get out of the city, and then come down from the mountains smack into Grand Central terminal on a crowded subway full of teenagers, I would totally do this again real soon. Pack a picnic, bring the man and grab dinner in the quaint downtown, say we could move here, and then hustle back to Brooklyn.