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Seriously, pinch me.

Bon Jour! So someone, please pinch me because things are just going too well right now. I am settling into my new job and apartment. I’ve been on multiple dates with the same person. I found a wonderful kind person to live with in an apartment that is WITHIN WALKING DISTANCE OF WORK. I even just signed up for a ceramics class. Back in October when I decided I was “done with Chicago” I honestly had no idea that I would be able to make such incredible changes in my life. Some how, Seattle has all the answers to questions I have been asking for years.

About my job- It’s quite a learning experience. Everyday is something different and something new. If you could have asked October me what I would be doing in six months, clean technology is not the industry I would have expected. It has been a great way to get to know Washington. I’ve even met one of my legislative representatives down in Olympia! (I don’t even think I knew the name of the governor when I lived in Illinois).

About the new man- Also, not the person I thought I would be dating six months ago. But he’s great (so far!). I was all set on giving up on internet dates and he suggested I go on one last one… 10 dates later and I’m afraid I’m beginning to like him. We spend a lot of time going on car rides and looking at water. We have an ongoing game of naming 90’s bands. He made me go to a golf range and well, as you can guess I was terrible at it but I rather enjoyed it. I don’t know, but there is something nice about a person you can be around without having to talk all of the time.


Mount Baker is in the back, we went to Edmonds for brunch last Sunday.

About the new roommate- What a gem of a person. I wanted to live alone and then I remembered that I just moved to a new city where I know no one. Her posting for the apartment said something along the lines of you should be hilarious and have an affinity for unique living spaces and well, I do believe I possess both those qualities. She was most excited that I came with two cats, and well, I was more than happy to roll with it. We are slowly meshing all our stuff together in our sweet little attic apartment that we lovingly refer to as “The Penthouse.” I was really worried about the open shelving and the cats but it hasn’t yet been a problem. Also, considering that we are on fairly similar schedules we don’t really get in each other’s way. I have to admit, it’s nice to have a human to talk to about your day, about your job, and about your new boyfriend.

I took a few photos of the apartment this morning. It’s a Wednesday, so the place might reflect a smidge of that mid-week mess…

where I sleep

My little bed nook

My bedroom is an “L” Shape. On one side is my bed, the other my arts and crafts area.

My art area

Our penthouse is technically on the third floor, and we reach that via a staircase from our front door which is on the second floor.

The view of the “Front Door”

There aren’t any windows on the sides of our apartment, only in the bedrooms. We get all our daylight through a skylight.

The skylight

Another view of the skylight

The open shelving I was so worried about…

Open shelving in the kitchen

So that’s the place! My roommate also has a room which I did not photograph and a weird railroad style bathroom (is that what you call it? All I know is it has doors on each end and runs alongside the back of the kitchen wall.).
Some weird things- I’ve seen they guy who sat next to me on the plane on my move out here three times while running! People in Seattle recycle and compost everything. That’s about it. So, maybe someone doesn’t need to pinch me because maybe I got too excited about everything and spoke too soon… Who knows, we’ll see.


Minor Adjustments

Bon Jour, mes amis! I know, I know what has been going on? Not much I’m afraid. I have made some minor adjustments to my living quarters, but I feel like I spend soo much time working that when I have the day off I need to spend it outside to make the most of this mellow Chicago Summer. After much debating and denial I have started online dating (per the advice of multiple, multiple friends) and while not quite sure how I feel about it, it is entertaining, none the less. Also! Today my adorable cat Tuesday is 9 years old! Nine! Tomorrow, well tomorrow marks the 10 year mark for when I brought the little orange bag of bones home. Bon Jovi, the snuggliest orange cat has *ahem kept me alive for 10 whole years.

The cutest cats in the world!

The cutest cats in the world!


As for the apartment, my roommate has SO MUCH STUFF. I have crammed some of my own furniture in the closest under the roof eaves and piled it into my bedroom. Because those red couches were so, red I ended up getting some neutral curtains from Ikea! look:

Before! Much too dark!

Before! Much too dark!

New curtains! And new rug too!

New curtains! And new rug too!

You may notice I also painted the lampshades again. They started a light green, and I went to “Catalina Mist” with the old curtains. When I hung up the nice neutral Ikea ones I spray painted them teal! (Remember from this post? Super easy DIY).

We also have a small jungle cultivating:


Every picture I try to take has everything in silhouette… Just know that the plants are there!

I can’t help it when the roommate decorates when I am gone… you may have spotted a flag or a weird lamp or butterfly and I just have to live with these minor adjustments… I swear one day soon I am going to get out the gloss almond and make all our furniture match, but I guess I am just waiting for that rainy day…



I’m Back!

Hola amigos! I’m back! I had to take a little break from blogging while I dealt with all the fantastic feelings that accompany ex’s moving out (and other exes getting married and well, everyone in the facebook feed having babies or getting engaged). Also every time I find myself with 3 days off in a row I try to go somewhere (close and with a free bed to sleep in) and call it a vacation. Yes friends, I’ve been vacationing. From blogging, and from life. I did get a new roommate, and I have to admit I like her much more than the last one… Haven’t really started any new projects, but here are some pics of the space with our shared stuffs (and oh, is there so much stuff).

First off, to prove how much fun I’m having this summer, check out the fridge:

All of my impossible project polaroids!

All of my impossible project polaroids!

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The End is in Sight

In less than two weeks I will finally be able to get on with my life. After the most amicable break up that has somehow lasted 5 months I have won and am keeping the apartment! I have lined up a new person to move in and have already started experimenting with new decorations. Last week I tried to make some new curtains and while they are cute I just am not in love with them. They might look different with my future roomie’s furniture but I am just not in love…

You may remember my fabric ideas from this post. Well I went with the first option and just like my new sew DIY curtains I went about making them on the floor.


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Roommate Anticipation

Ok, I admit it. I haven’t done squat in terms of DIY apartment fixin’ uping. However, I have found my next roommate! (Now if the current one could just get the f* out!). I am excited to live with a female again, even though my last experience was the absolute worst. My new roomie is coming with lots of paintable furniture (yaaaay!!!)  and  a complete set of matching RED couches (not sure if I love or hate this) but in my roommate anticipation I have been trying to figure out how to incorporate my future cohabiter’s things with my own fun style.

I have been scouring fabric.com daily for deals on fabric. I have been meaning to switch up the no sew curtains. Since I get to live with a girl I am thinking FLOWERS! Whaaat? These are my two favorite options thus far:

poppy 2

poppy 1

For some reason I really like poppy prints. I also like that these have a little teal (cause we all know about how much I love the color teal).

I think I will have to change up the green lampshades, but I am wondering if I can spray paint “Catalina Mist” successfully over the green… (Obviously I will try and let you know how that goes).

My new roommate is also coming with a giant kitchen table, a car (YAY!), and the best part three jobs so I don’t have to worry about her ability to pay the rent! I really hope she doesn’t mind driving me to Ikea once we figure out the furniture arrangement because I am thinking some new rugs are in order.  I will probably move the grey rug up into my bedroom. Not sure If I want to keep the crazy black and white one in the kitchen, or replace it with something a little more high-traffic friendly.

cats on a rug

The reason I can’t have nice things!

The past few months have been pretty nuts. I started a new job which i hate to admit that I enjoy, and I’ve made significant progress on starting my dream entrepreneurial career. Ok, I came up with the name and bought the URL, but that is a huge step in the scheme of things. I’ve met a ton of new people and despite a winter that refuses to leave I am beginning to love this windy city once again. I have more or less decided to stay at least another year. I’ve accumulated more polaroids for my project and even shown work in 2 shows. I’ve already traveled twice this year and I even filed my taxes! (Gold star, self).

I’m pretty pumped for the ex to get the heck out, and the roommate anticipation is encouraging me to creatively decorate once again. Spring is fighting her way in, and I know I already have a little in my step.

xoxo- Nikki

March Madness

Hola friends! I know I’ve been a little MIA. I would like to tell you a little about my March Madness. No, not the silly basketball tournament but rather my continual quest to figure out what the heck to do with my life. I have been working a lot which is good and distracting but also exhausting. I am slowly getting to know my new work family which is interesting and quite fun (too much fun sometimes.). I am dealing with living with my ex, but come on! You’ve seen how cool this apartment is and if I am going to stay in Chicago I should probably hang on to it and start scoping for roommates… (Blah blah blah)

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