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I’m Only Happy When it Rains

I’m only happy when it rains… Not really, the sun is GREAT but I am happy when it rains. As you can guess, it’s raining right now. I will be forever wondering why I didn’t get here sooner. Seattle is really a great place for me to be. My job has turned into quite the learning experience in all the right ways. I just put together an advertising campaign that will appear in print and online through three different outlets. I have also been spearheading a social media campaign for our upcoming event, as well as taking charge of community partners and other outreach efforts.

The running here in Seattle is SOOOO GOOD! I am consistantly running about 8-9 miles a day (when I run) or about 50 miles a week. I even wake up early some days to get it in. I have a really nice route around Lake Union. I’ve finally adjusted to the hills. It is important to note, that when your route is around a lake there are no shortcuts, and if you are running before work there is absolutely no time to stop and walk. I have found if I time it right I can avoid getting stopped at one of the bridges. Now tell me, who in their right mind thinks it is ok to put up the bridges during rush hour? Traffic is sooo bad in Seattle, you’d think they would regulate it better so that the bridges didn’t have to get raised during prime commuting hours… Just a thought but what do I know. My roommate is training to run a really, really long race in Iceland and I have offered up my services as a companion for some of those longer training runs. I think I will sit out the Seattle marathon this year however because I am hoping to travel to see friends and family over Thanksgiving weekend, when the race happens. Next year, maybe. All I can think about is how I said I’d never run another marathon. (YOMO: you only marathon once) I have a feeling marathons are like tattoos- you can’t stop with one, so once you forget how much the last one hurt you do it again.

Alex came to visit with our friend Kate! It was great to see some familiar faces here. We did touristy stuffs around town and caught up on girl talk. Also they got to meet the new man, and Alex gave her stamp of approval, which is good. He gave us car rides and helped us cook meals. Alex made it her mission to get a “Lady Fedora” and as you can see in the photo below she found one.


Me, Alexandra, and Kate taking selfies with the Space Needle.

So I’m swooning over here. It seems too easy but I met a really great guy. (He makes me biscuits!) You know how you make those lists (ok, how I make lists) about all the things I want out of something? I made this list when looking for a city to move to. I have made a few of these lists over the years for the man I would like to find. The only strike Seattle had against her was the fact that the cost of living is higher than Chicago. The Emerald City has all the other things a girl could need: nature, sports, arts, culture, JOBS!, public transit, mountains, a higher ratio of men to women, etc. My new boyfriend has all the things I wanted; Taller than me, smart, funny, kind, likes food and adventures, things I wouldn’t want my mother to read… the only thing he doesn’t have is a motorcycle or a boat (that was one combined item on the list). I think I can get over that one. Besides, he seems to like my cats.


Pretty much the best thing ever.


I know this blog has kind of put DIY projects on a back burner, but I am looking forward to doing a few projects this summer. I have started posting my polaroid portraits on instagram┬áso follow if you aren’t already! Ok, back to work. And hey, it’s stopped raining… for now!

xoxo- Nikki